On the way in light 2024, Potsdam

On the way in light 2024, Potsdam

Enthusiasm for soundless music light composition at “Unterwegs im Licht”

Last Saturday (20.1.), the international team of light artist and architect Ruairí O’Brien accompanied the numerous cultural players in the center of Potsdam at the 10th anniversary of “Unterwegs im Licht”.
From dusk until late in the evening, O’Brien’s artistic soundless-music light composition moved simultaneously and synchronously through the color wheel of spectral light colors on all the buildings – including DAS MINSK, the Museum Barberini and the Garnison Church, which is currently being rebuilt. The rhythmically and visually varied choreography made it possible for children and non-children to experience color theory in the most entertaining form. In addition to the inspiring overall composition, which offered surprising changes of rhythm and sound in the form of visual sensory impressions, the laser show “Journey through the Stargate” in the city canal and the final performance on the Alter Markt were among this year’s highlights, according to numerous visitors.
Each of Ruairí O’Brien’s compositions for “Unterwegs im Licht” is unique in terms of the city-related themes, the facades involved, the color palette, the intensity and the tempi. Part of the architect and light artist’s special signature is to make each room and each building tangible in its individual character.

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The illumination was realized by the following partners:

City of Potsdam (organizer)

P3 Projekt GmbH (organization)

Ruairí O’Brien . Lighting Design (lighting concept)

TLT Event AG (technical realization)

Photos 1-3, 6-9: Leon Lenk

Photos 5-7, 10: Ruairi O’Brien . Lighting Design