About us

RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN . LICHTDESIGN provides innovative, high quality lighting solutions, from the initial idea, through phase zero / project development, and concept / design, to construction supervision.

Our work includes daylight and artificial lighting design for interior and exterior spaces, e.g. architecture, marketplaces, public spaces, parks and gardens, museums and exhibitions. We develop fixtures, installations as well as light sculptures. One focus is on concepts for light and color.

Light is an integral part of urban planning, architecture and interior design. Designing light requires a comprehensive technical, architectural and design-aesthetic understanding on the part of the lighting designer. Light should allow us to experience our environment, achieve a special atmosphere in an indoor or outdoor space, and create comfortable as well as healthy living and working conditions.

Lighting designer and architect Ruairí O’Brien and his interdisciplinary team offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to lighting design to ensure the optimal solution to the task at hand.

Ruairí O’Brien

Lighting designer FILD LiTG
Architect RIBA AKS

0351 – 899 63 199

Light planning / Lighting design
Design draft / Concept development
Building construction
Monument preservation
Urban planning


Behind Ruairí O’Brien . Lichtdesign is an interdisciplinary, international team of permanent and freelance employees from various disciplines. Among them architecture, lighting design, energetic building management, electrical engineering, product design. Our network structure guarantees great flexibility for the optimal handling of all project sizes and contents.

Lars Joachim

European Lighting Expert (ELEA) LiTG
Office Manager Dresden

0351 – 899 63 199

Lighting design coordination
Project management
Project planning
Calculation / Controlling

Monika Markauskaite

0351 – 899 63 199

Project Assistance
Model making

Annemarie Kiene

Lighting Designer B.A.
Light planning

0351 – 899 63 199

Light planning
Light technical conception
Lighting calculations

Team members since 2017

Jule Madita Engelmann

Emily Riedel

Pia Engler

Janice Seeger

Loan Nguyen

Allison Sielemann

Khaled Aldalabee

Haotian Wu

Philipp Kirsch

An Dang

Milad Bayazee

Saskia Bariller

Lorena Capel Ruiz

Yang Li

Anna Gregor

Kevin Klinger

Anastasia Gordeeva

Niraj Kanunanidhi

Sara Molaei

Hana Shin

Ricky Buy

Kamran Gurbanov

Mylinh Hoang

Ilonka Michael

Isabell Rehm

Jolin Liebe

Lara Kleeberg

Lorraine Hofmann

Eric Lötsch

Laura Telschow

Maria Zasadzki

Catherine Krumbiegel

Anja Lehmann

Jessica Haustein

Leon Stanja

Emily Köhler

Irina Melnikova

Edin Karavelic

Maria Bednarek

Katharina Schäfer

Isabel Hanitzsch

Julia Baudach

Peter-Daniel Müller Lüneschloß

Berin Turan

Carla Wirsching