RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN. LICHTDESIGN. provides innovative, high quality lighting solutions, from initial concept, through phase zero / project development, and concept / design to construction supervision in the areas of: Architecture, Marketplaces and Public Spaces, Public and Private Parks and Gardens, Museums, Exhibitions, Fixtures and Installations, and Light Sculptures.

RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN. LICHTDESIGN. deals with daylight and artificial light. The services of RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN LICHTDESIGN include all aspects of lighting design, from analysis, conception and design, to solution proposals and realization. A main focus of the work are concepts for light and color. In addition, RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN. LICHTDESIGN. offers expert advice for clients, architects, landscape architects or specialist planners, as well as for suppliers and manufacturers of lu

The lighting expertise offered by RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN. LICHTDESIGN. offered lighting expertise can contribute to cost savings for builders, clients as well as planning offices, play an essential role for the further development of intelligent energy-saving buildings and help to secure a beautiful, sustainable built environment for future generations. Light is an integral part of urban planning, architecture and interior design and requires a technical as well as design-aesthetic understanding on the part of the lighting designer. Light should allow us to experience our environment, to achieve a special atmosphere in a room or outdoor area and to create comfortable as well as healthy living and working conditions. Architect and lighting designer Ruairí O’Brien and his interdisciplinary team offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to the fulfillment of your projects, ensuring the best possible treatment and solution to the task at hand.