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Workshop Light painting technique

Have you ever thought about the technique of light painting? Is it possible? And how do they do that? To find out, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the “Light Line” workshop with engineer Ruairi O’Brien, a workshop that combines Arabic calligraphy and light painting.

RUAIRÍ O’BRIEN is an architect, lighting designer, artist and educator.
Associate Professor and Head of the Architecture and Visual Design Department at the German University in Cairo.
Co-Founder and President of the Erich Kästner Museum in Dresden, Germany. Owner of design practice’s, Ruairí O’Brien Architects and Ruairí O’Brien Lighting Design.
He has exhibited, given talks and led workshops on his art, lighting projects and architecture works internationally in numerous cities, among which were: Cairo, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Dresden and Washington.

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