Kurort Rathen, light master plan

Lighting master plan

Light staging in Kurort Rathen

Our lighting master plan for the spa town of Rathen is a design-functional model for an optimal staging of the town with light. The forward-looking concept identifies the need for action and makes recommendations for the process-oriented development of public lighting. In addition to street lighting, the focus is on the staging of buildings as well as natural features and characteristics. The lighting master plan forms the basis for the process-oriented and coherent implementation of holistic lighting in the spa town. It also serves as a coordinated inclusion of many individual measures and participants, e.g. authorities, institutions, companies, investors and citizens. The targeted development of the town’s lighting is intended to increase the attractiveness of the town and the quality of stay in the public space in an energy- and cost-efficient way.

Client: Kurort Rathen, Mayor

Services: Lighting concept, lighting master plan: Urban development, paths, natural space, attractions / Seasonal lighting concept