Design Guide Müller Street Berlin

Design Guide Müller Street Berlin

Design guidelines for the Living Center Müllerstrasse

Müllerstraße is located in the heart of the Wedding district of Berlin’s Mitte district. It is, with more than three kilometers, one of the longest shopping streets in the city.

Cultural and educational institutions are grouped in the adjacent areas. Branches of large companies, specialty stores, service providers and restaurants characterize the urban and transcultural flair of Müllerstrasse. The first floors of the buildings are almost always occupied by stores or restaurants. Often the entire first floor zone of a building consists of a single store unit.

The original window and door arrangements of the historic buildings are often no longer recognizable. The structural changes of individual areas in the trend of the times or energetic renovations have changed the original character of the facades. Temporary additions such as advertising signs or awnings are also often among the determinants of the facade appearance of the structures and thus of the streetscape itself.

This design guide is an important building block in the future development of Müllerstrasse. It serves as a guideline for action for the redesign of facades or stores and functions as an advisory tool within the framework of the building consultation of the urban development office.

Urban planning and architectural structures up to details on buildings and also light and lighting topics, such as advertising signs, window or color design were essential contents of our investigation and must be brought back into harmony in order to be able to develop a large design line for Müllerstraße. In this holistic approach, the micro level (details) and the macro level (the entire street) are placed in context with each other in an analytical-planning manner, and a system is developed from this, with the help of which a structured implementation of the guiding ideas can be guaranteed.

The design guide can be downloaded here.