Memorial grove Zeithain

Exhibition lighting memorial Ehrenhain, Zeithain

With the literal planting of a new architectural-thematic heart, the “Walk-in Showcase” as a micro-architectural implantation in the historical RAD barracks preserved from the former Zeithain prisoner-of-war camp, the bridge between (structural) past and present is successfully built.
This glass building, a microclimatic soundproof object, thematizes not only time but also space in a special way and, as a time capsule in a place with a special auratic effect, creates a deliberate irritation that sensitizes the visitor to the exhibition theme. In the document house the visitor has the possibility to work on the offered thematic focal points in the operable micro-architectural information sculptures, which are executed in the same exhibition language, by himself, whereby new visual axes are offered again and again and an intensive reference to the content material is created with light/ mirrors.