Light concept spinning machine building Chemnitz

Lighting concept and lighting master plan for a historic industrial monument

For several years now, more and more smaller companies have been settling in Chemnitz’s spinning mill engineering sector, where around 2,200 people worked in GDR times, using the old industrial halls as open spaces, workshops or storage rooms. The future lighting situation is intended to remove the current anxiety spaces, some of which are caused by darkness, due to the lack of scattered light from the industrial halls, which were once illuminated 24 hours a day. To support a long-term and sustainable development of the partially listed building complex, towards a vibrant and actively used area, Ruairí O’Brien . Lichtdesign was commissioned by the city of Chemnitz to develop a lighting concept that does justice to the many new possible uses.

The lighting picks up on the historical lighting situation while at the same time taking into account current lighting requirements. The industrial heritage value of the building ensemble can still be experienced after dark. With the help of a sustainable lighting concept consisting of energy-saving, reduced lighting that avoids unnecessary light emissions, visitors are intuitively guided around the grounds. The realization on the whole area of the Spinnereimaschinenbau Altchemnitz can be done step by step in the next years, because different intermediate scenarios have already been considered in the lighting concept.

The lighting concept for the Spinnereimaschinenbau is part of the EU project “URBACT 2nd Chance”, with the help of which the large old factory complex of the Spinnereimaschinenbau Altchemnitz is to be revived.

You can download the lighting concept under the following link: