Light concept concentration camp memorial Mittelbau Dora

Lighting concept for the Mittelbau Dora concentration camp memorial site

ZRedesign of the didactic development of the tunnel complex

Competition entry, 3rd place

The lighting concept is an essential part of the competition entry “Points and Lines”, which consists of two elements: points of information and lines of light for the paths in between. This concept includes the didactic idea that the line of light guides the visitors and the info pillars (points) mark the individual stations.
The info pillars are light sculptures that represent gathering points where the visitors are explained the story during guided tours.
The guiding lines of light lead to these information points, provide the power supply and at the same time ensure an optimal illumination of the space.

The design of the information modules as well as the lighting differs clearly from the original environment and thus conveys a distance to the original historic gallery. The historical rooms are seen in the light of today, the self-sufficient exhibition elements exhibit the entire surrounding space.

We are pleased that our light-oriented exhibition concept could achieve a very good third place in this competition with numerous renowned participants.

You can find the overall concept in detail here.