Color and light concept Villa Regerstraße

Color and light concept Villa Regerstraße

Psychotherapy Institute for Children and Adolescents

German Society for Behavioural Therapy in Saxony, Germany. Institute for Children and Adolescents in Dresden (2021-2022)

The new location of the institute is a recently renovated heritage protected villa in Dresden-Blasewitz, Germany.

Light, color and choice of materials plays an important part in setting the right atmosphere for all ages and the diverse scenarios of discussions, presentations and meetings that take place in the Institute. Responsible for the interior design, we considered it to be of the utmost importance to counter-balance the weight of the old characterful building with bright, friendly, engaging and even thought provoking interiors. The choice and use of different colors, lighting fixtures, mirrors, materials and decorative story telling elements give the reception, office spaces, and therapy rooms all their own identity. The impressive staircase is celebrated as a special space connecting the floors. The dark basement needed particular attention to allow it to be used for seminars and educational purposes.        At the Psychotherapy Institute in Dresden, child and adolescent psychotherapists and psychological psychotherapists are trained with a strong practical orientation. In addition, outpatient psychotherapeutic treatments are offered in the institute’s outpatient clinic.  

Requirements for the current use are as follows:

  • Work office / administration
  • Treatment patients / therapy rooms
  • Training / seminar rooms
  • Flexible usees-adaption / change between seminar and group therapy uses.

Photos: Peter Fischer